Wednesday Woo: Procrastination

Do you suffer from writer’s block or is it really procrastination? Are you an all-encompassing procrastinator or does it apply just to your writing life? Or is your distraction created from an overload of social media?

Alleviating procrastination can be frustrating given the myriad of reasons people fall under its evil influence. To help you recognize your own unique brand of avoidance these explanations and counterattacks should be useful–if you actually get around to reading and implementing any of them.

From Psychology Today

Or this one from Mind Tools

Or from You Are Not So Smart

The latest news for you all-around procrastinators, you can stop beating yourself up over not being able to stick to self-imposed deadlines. Apparently, you need someone else to wield the whip. Any volunteers?

And for you visually inclined,

From asap Science

Now, get back to work.

Oh wait, a few more thoughts.

From Lori Taylor, 7 Ways to Stay Focused

and a quickie from Seth Godin I Didn’t Have Time