You Can Do This – Even if You’ve Stopped Writing

How’s everyone doing?

Is your stuff going in directions you didn’t expect? Or is sailing along?

Did your project change or hit a dead end? Did you lose the muse or decide to just stop?

If the latter, how would you feel about about picking back up on your love of writing, just for this last week – or any days in this week- to do what you LOVE. To fulfill your dream of writing, just for these last few days.

Forget word count. Forget that your story didn’t grab you. If you’ re stuck on a piece, why not journal through it?

Or just write your thoughts about the project, or food and the holidays coming up, what’s worrying you, or what you’re distracted by or happy about. That is a tool of the writers life to get them past it.\

Or, take the luxury of writing some stuff for yourself. What’s going on in you with Covid, family, how cold it is, or bucket list things you’d like to vision in detail, the best concert you went to, or the antics of your dog/cat/horse/bunny/snake.

How about reacquainting yourself with what made you start NANO to begin with, finding that spark that may have gotten buried under an inner critic, the holidays, getting the flu, or feeling it’s not ok if you don’t hit your numbers?

Did you go for it to try to make time for writing in your life? Was it the dream of seeing your book published? Was it that you needed to try your hand at writing so you know you gave that secret hope a go once in your life?

Whatever it is, we’re all still here to cheer you on!

This no judgement group wants you to not judge yourself either!


1. If you’re stuck, put up a post about it and see what amazing comments come in. One might be just the thing, or spark a new path.

2. There’s a write in from 10am-2pm today, and all day Saturday and Sunday from 10-4. There has to be a little time over the weekend for yourself right? In addition, you have 3 days next week before Nano is over to treat yourself: 7am-9am Monday, Tuesday night from 7pm-10pm and a last day blast on Wednesday 11/30.

All the info is on the North Shore MA Region Community Events on the site, or on the WriNoShores Facebook page.

If you haven’t tried, them, it’s mystically motivating, just to see your compatriots, who totally understand, accept and support you, sitting there writing with you.

However you do it, I encourage you to not think fo this as a contest, but of making a little room for YOURSELF to do what you do want to do: write!

This wicked sincere encouragement written by Rochelle Joseph

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