Wednesday Woo: Get Writing

I have a revolving cadre of bloggers I keep up with on writing, marketing and psychology. This morning Oliver Emberton wrote a post titled, If You Want To Follow Your dreams, You Have To Say No To All the Alternatives and it made a big impression on me.

NaNoWriMo is only 3 days away and I still don’t have a story. I was thinking last night- I’ve never suffered writer’s block just indecision and lo and behold there is Oliver talking about indecision. And since writers block has been a topic at our prep write-ins too, it ties in quite nicely with my Wednesday Woo topic: How to Get Started Writing.

The last month leading up to NaNoWriMo, I’ve written plenty of advice, posted dozens of links and thought of little else but how to help someone write their novel. But, I’ve personally been stuck in a rut of indecision.

At its most basic writing is all about making decisions. You decide who, when, where, why and how–about everything. What gets described, what gets alluded to, who gets shot, who lives, why the killer did it, what he wore, what he had for breakfast and where he ate it. That is a lot of decisions. No wonder we get intimidated.

First and foremost, is showing up to do the work, but once you’re there the secret to writing is…deciding.

Don’t waste time searching through Oliver’s site, that goes against what you need to be doing right now, but I will direct you to one other post, How ToDebug Your Brain. The gist of which is pick one thing to be the right thing you should be doing and say no to everything else. November, we know means balls to the walls writing and saying no to everything else.

RECAP: show-up, decide, say no to everything else.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, answer these questions:

Whose story do you want to tell? Do they have a worthy goal? Are there enough obstacles or conflict in their way? Do you know the ending? You’ll be able to make the decisions needed to write if you know who your MC is, where they are going (the end), and why.


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