NaNoWriMo: Prep Write-In

Like most writers I collect links to worksheets and advice about plotting, novel writing, character development and the like. Some of them I’ve utilized in previous post on here and on my own blog, but I thought since I was compiling a list specifically to bring to our NaNoWriMo Prep Write-In, I’d post it here too.

Links to Worksheets Presented at Barnes and Noble 10.18.2014 and PICR 10.18.2014

Novel Writing Plot and Project Developmental Worksheet and Guide
Traditional Fiction Writing Plot Development Storyboard
Novel Storyboard Worksheet
Chapter Storyboard Worksheet

22 Rules for Storytelling compiled by Emma Coats

The 36 Dramatic Situations is a descriptive list which was created by Georges Polti


Websites Recommeneded

Reviews of Writing Software
I’m biased, I use Storymill. I also own Contour and Montage.

How-To, Book Recommendations, Lists and Advice—On Writing
(caution-prolific profanity-it has a life of its own)

Random Generators
(wow, that sound pornographic but it’s just people and place name generators)
Story and Idea Generators

Dictionaries/Thesaurus/Word Generators

This is the website I mentioned at today’s meeting about keeping a diary/journal.

About showing up and writing


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