Wednesday Woo: Summer Vacation Writercises

Writercises, exercise for writers.

I’m on vacation with 14 other people, 12 of whom are sea kayaking while the other two are off on a bike trail run. Unfortunately, my Rheumatoid Arthritis keeps me from doing many things but what it can’t do is prevent me from writing.

If you are like me, you are always are writing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s my magnum opus, or a quick haiku, a character sketch or plot, something is always trying to work it’s way out of my brain.

But everyone needs a break. Therefore while on vacation don’t work on your usual stuff, try something new, or write in an unusual place. It’ll refresh your brain, inspire you to be creative, and perhaps give you a new perspective. Think of it as exercise, something to keep your brain healthy, wealthy and wise.

As for me, I like to find a quiet spot to work on descriptions. I start with generalities like the setting I’m in and work my way through the environment until I find something small, maybe a tiny crab, or piece of bark. Then I just keep writing until I’ve exhausted my vocabulary.

Usually, something will spark a poem or story. Or I’ll deliberately pick a poetry form that I’m unfamiliar with and force myself to adhere to its rules.

For me, the house we are in has a large waterfall in its landscaping and I’m sitting next it feeling the movement calling. I’ll share a little of what it inspired next week.

Have fun. Bon Voyage!


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