Wednesday Woo: The Importance of Professionals

If you intend to self-publish you’ve inevitably come to the question of whether or not you need to hire professional editors, book cover designers or marketers.

The answer is YES, on all counts. The importance of professionals can not be underestimated. I will concede that there are very particular circumstances in which forgoing the pros can be acceptable. For instance, if this a vanity publication and you are doing it just for the satisfaction of seeing your name in print. You can probably skip spending the money on the pros.

Do you expect to, or need to make a profit from publishing this book? Or will you be happy to have your friends and family buy your work?

Do you aspire to have your book in retail outlets and wish to reach a wide audience?

Discriminating book buyers will not find your work acceptable if it hasn’t been polished.

To put the best product out there you’ll need an editor.

Here are a few why’s, how-tos and how not to of hiring an editor.




6 thoughts on “Wednesday Woo: The Importance of Professionals

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my article! Great collection of resources for writers here! I enjoyed the video and I will definitely spread word. I love finding articles/videos and such that help teach authors because it’s important in self-publishing for an author to know all that’s involved. Thanks!


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