Wednesday Woo: Writer’s Advice

Writer’s advice is invaluable. I so appreciate those who share their struggles, triumphs and strategies for getting words on paper. It’s finding the methods that work for you that feels like a lifetime endeavor. I hope it doesn’t take me that long to find my process.

One of my absolutely all-time favorite sites on the web is Brain Pickings by Marie Popova. If you’ve never been on her site, I’m sorry for the lost hours you are about to incur.  More than writer’s advice, there’s science, technology, lots of interesting stuff.

Though labeled for the young, most of this writer’s advice feels apropo for all.

Sara and I are both fans and have already turned a few of our fellow WriNos onto Chuck. Fair warning: Chuck is a direct, pull no punches sort who swears frequently. Skip this if profanity isn’t your thing, but his writer’s advice is spot on.

Two woman in the industry who I respect and admire: editor Jane Friedman.

and author/editor/agent Betsy Lerner

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