Welcome to the WriNoShores Home

Hello, Sara here, *taps microphone* is this thing on?


As you can see I have started up a blog. For someone terrified of such things (I have had my personal blog for a year and haven’t written a thing on it yet) this is a huge undertaking for me so please bear with me as I figure this thing out.

This blog is intended for all of those who have participated in and belong to the North Shore Region of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month). Specifically our After-NaNo Writing and Support Group.

I’m going to explain exactly what this blog is for, but first, a little history:

Two years ago, fellow NaNo participant Lynne held me down and tortured me casually suggested that I become the Region’s Municipal Liaison, as our former ML (and wonderful person in general, Liz) abandoned us for the West Coast moved back home with her new baby.

After freaking out applying for and getting the position, I researched other regions to see how I could make ours better than everyone else’s great.

Then, after much brainstorming, Lynne and I decided we needed a proper name and mascot for our regional group. We came up with the name WriNoShores (Writers of the North Shore) and our mascot, a handsome Rhino named George (named by fellow participant Caroline, after her cat).

Two years later and much procrastination from me I have started up a year-round writing group as requested.

It’s AWESOME (and full of great supportive people) and if you haven’t already you should come check us out.

The WriNoShores meet twice a month, every first and third Sunday at Plum Island Coffee Roasters (PICR) in Newburyport from 1-5pm.

And here is where I finally get to the point tell you what this blog is for:

Ahem… stuff?

Stuff like…

  • keeping in touch, the comments are open so feel free (just don’t be a dick, this is a supportive environment only)
  • posting writing related stuff and whatnot
  • posting stories that you’ve written* or a novel excerpt that you want to share (I only ask that it is, say, about chapter length or less and edited)
  • posting writing questions you may have
  • finding information on upcoming events
  • I will add more stuff as I think of it…

How does it work you ask?


You can view and comment to your leisure, however if you wish to post on the site you will have to request authorship which keeps out the rabble.

You can email me at sara@wrinoshores.com or the contact page in the menu and I’ll send you an invitation. You will need a wordpress account. If you don’t have one, sign up for a wordpress account, it’s free and easy.

Some other info:

Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions. I’m here to help.

I will update this post as needed and I will totally let y’all know if I do.

Um, I think that’s it… oh, right, the starry thing:

*Just a FYI: this is not a private site, so anyone can view it. Full stories posted to a public blog are considered published (you do keep all copyrights and your name will show as author). So, basically, if you are looking to submit the piece for publication somewhere, post an excerpt only.*


Thank you for visiting!

*drops microphone*

*runs away*


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